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Our Services

In line with your wishes, we bring you the most exclusive flavors of the wide range of Turkish Cuisine besides the World Cuisine.

The most important aspect of our services in the private flight catering industry is to provide our customers with the best inflight customer experience.
Across our comprehensively selected partners worldwide, we guarantee the highest standards for all of our VIP clients.
Inflight catering experience consists of customer service and logistics.
Our team of experts will ensure that the entire ordering process, from beginning to end, meets your full expectations.

Private aircraft catering provides you with a vast array of options. Any special orders and dietary restrictions can be arranged, so the cuisine will meet all of your requirements.​

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  • Inflight Catering for Private Jets, Business Jets and Charters

  • Business Meetings, Luxury Yacht Organizations

  • ​We operate catering from all end Restaurants and Hotels in Istanbul.

  • Full range of cabin & board amenities

  • Flower arrangements

  • Dishwashing Services

  • Laundry & Equipment Cleaning Services

  • Selection of newspapers and magazines

  • Luxury Shopping Orders​

           Solution Partner Restaurants

           Shop / Gift / Amenities

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